Crystal-clear waters, pristine beaches, lunch on board and an unforgettable Ibiza sunset – they say boat days are the best days for a reason!

Enjoy a boat day to Formentera, dive into crystal-clear waters while anchored at the pristine beaches of Es Palmador and Ses Illetes and for lunch? It’s your choice! Choose to indulge in a gourmet onboard feast or land on Ses Illetes to experience Juan and Andrea's famous seafood delicacies or Beso Beach paellas.

To round out your once-in-a-lifetime experience, we recommend returning to Ibiza at sunset when the sky is painted with hues of orange and pink, making it the perfect end to a perfect boat day.

Lush Ibiza Paddle Ibiza SUP Group Cliff Jumping


Ibiza beckons with a myriad of thrilling activities for adventure seekers. For a unique perspective of the island’s beauty, we recommend paddleboard along the enchanting coast, or a kayak journey around Es Vedra, the magnetic islet steeped in myth and surrounded by crystal-clear waters.

For those craving an adrenaline-fueled escapade, navigate the rugged terrain on a quad, delving into off-the-beaten-path locales that unveil the island's hidden gems. 

The aquatic wonders of Ibiza extend beyond its surface, inviting enthusiasts to snorkel or dive into the mesmerizing underwater world. Submerge yourself in the depths to witness a vibrant tapestry of marine life and coral formations, creating an immersive experience for nature lovers.

Whether gliding across the water, conquering untamed landscapes, or delving into the aquatic realms, Ibiza promises a playground of excitement for those seeking an unforgettable adventure amid the Mediterranean splendor. 

Almond trees in Ibiza, Spain


Discover a myriad of off season activities on the island, perfect for nature enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.

Traverse lush forests and scenic coastlines on foot or by exhilarating mountain biking. Explore Sant Agnes valley under moonlight, trek the East coast from Cala Llonga to Cala Blanca, and enjoy stunning vistas on the Puertas del Cielo trails. The settled weather and winter sun are perfect conditions for Hot Air Ballooning or Para. For sports enthusiasts, engage in beach volleyball, frisbee, indoor/outdoor padel, mountain climbing, and open water swimming.

Unwind with a sauna or steam bath, followed by a cozy fireplace dinner. Immerse in the bohemian winter markets in San Juan, San Jordi, and Las Dalias for unique experiences. 



In the 1960s flower power era, Ibiza emerged as a refuge for peace-seeking Americans avoiding the Vietnam War draft, swiftly earning the title of Europe's Hippy capital. The island's alternative lifestyle, rooted in love and peace, drew enthusiasts.

Legend holds that Ibiza exudes a magical, healing energy upon arrival, evident in its breathtaking beauty and landscapes. The captivating aura fosters the island's mystical reputation, inviting a connection beyond the ordinary.

Ibiza offers diverse experiences like yoga, meditation, tantric workshops, cacao ceremonies, and temazcal, inviting individuals to delve deep into this unique connection with the island's extraordinary essence. 

Lush Ibiza Aiyanna Dining Delight


Choose from our top selection of lush restaurants or include a chef service in your package to experience the best dining delights. Tasting and curating the best from Ibiza's restaurants and collaborating with private chefs is no easy feat, but someone has to do it!

Ibiza is a sensory overload and during the past ten years gastronomy has taken a prominent place in the desires of our clients. Select from various chef packages based on the culinary sophistication you desire. The fortunes of restaurants on the island can be mercurial so we will carefully curate your all-important food tour.

Whether it be the scent of freshly prepared canapés upon arrival at the villa or dinner under the stars at Amante Beach, our team will help you with planning and bookings to ensure every meal you have is better than the last.

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Ibiza has a long tradition of being a hedonistic destination sought after by many partygoers from all around the world. If you are seeking pleasure and fun, you are in the right place. World-famous clubs like Pacha, Hi, Ushuaia, and Amnesia coexist with smaller venues such as Club Chinois, Akasha, Lio, and Cova Santa, just to mention a few, making Ibiza's nightlife unparalleled in any other part of the world.

Whether you love dancing at one of the big rave venues or a more intimate setting, you won’t be disappointed. The Lush team will help you book a table, reserve a transfer, and handle all other logistical arrangements to party like a pro.