Arianna and Mathew have been working together since 2021. Both had quite unique paths into the luxury Ibiza villa rental market which reflect the complementary skillsets which helped them deliver client and owner satisfaction for more than 350 rental transactions in Ibiza over the past three seasons. 

A proven track record in a demanding environment and common approach to teamwork whilst prioritizing integrity gave them the idea to start their own agency, Lush Ibiza. The Villa Rental and Concierge market in Ibiza is highly fragmented. With a commitment to technology and automation we create capacity for our agents to focus on what they do best, building relationships and delivering lush holidays.   

By building the technical and cultural framework to empower our employees we believe they can build deeper relationships with their clients, owners and collaborators in the best possible way. Relationships and people are our assets.  


Mathew Bartley

Originally from the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand. Mathew finished his tertiary education (BA, BComm) in Germany before moving to London. Following a successful career in recruitment specialising in senior Technology hires for leading Banking clients, he desired a different life for his daughter. With Grand Designs in mind he sold up and bought a reformation project in Cala Nova in 2016. 

The creation of a Dream Home in Ibiza is a challenging yet deeply satisfying project, full of learning opportunities. Mathew rented this stunning property for several years and learned a lot about the Villa Rental Market in Ibiza. This experience gave him empathy for owners that a lot of agents on Ibiza may not fully appreciate. There is a huge amount of trust involved when managing reservations, screening clients and handing over the keys to an agent and the clients they represent.  

Mathew uses his experience of high achievement in competitive sales markets, local knowledge and understanding of technology trends to set strategy for the business, acquire new properties and build strong relationships with a global network of clients.


Arianna Zorzi Meneguzzo

Arianna worked around the world and gained a rich tapestry of experience before settling in Ibiza in 2017, boasting an impressive tertiary education, including an undergraduate degree at the University of Bologna and Masters in International Relations at the prestigious School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) in London. During this time, she learned to adapt to new cultures and succeed in challenging academic environments.

Following her studies, Arianna applied these skills in highly complicated humanitarian projects for Non-Governmental Agencies in warn torn countries and dynamic environments including Afghanistan, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Nigeria and Uganda.

After 10 years in this demanding sector and learned to highly value teamwork, organisation and communication skills when finding solutions to critical situations. Despite the rewarding nature of this experience, the toll it took led Arianna to redirect her extensive skills to the Luxury Rental Market in Ibiza. She’s nothing if not versatile. Clients, villa owners and colleagues comment on her ability to learn quickly, empathize and listen whilst maintaining a high level of integrity. Characteristics which can be all too rare in the Ibiza Real Estate market.