Santa Gertrudis is a town for all seasons. This trendy inland village is situated in the center of the island. Shopping boutiques and bars with tables lining the pedestrianized squares prove alfresco dining. The heart of the village is filled with children playing and parents supervising over a glass of wine or cold beer. There is a genuine Continental ambiance which extenuated by the locals, many of whom are European families that have moved to the island and choose to live in Santa Gertrudis for the proximity to Morna International School. Many of these creative expat locals bring an effortless style with an uncanny ability to make the kitsch seem a routine purchase. The energy of the island relies on newcomers and their bravery. Visit the wonderful fashion, homeware and interior design boutiques which range from elegant to eclectic. That is what it means to be Balearic.


A small village with a lot of energy, verve, and style. Santa Gertrudis has life to it year-round with glamourous residents who seem to have plentiful free time and money to spend. It is alight during Halloween when the streets resemble towns in the USA rather than anywhere in Spain. The village has a gentile atmosphere that is perfect for families. The center of this peaceful village is the pedestrianized plaza offering a safe space for kids to skateboard, bike or make friends in the playground. Santa Gertrudis has a fun fair in the Summer with dodgems and simple rides.

It can be a challenge to think of things to do in Ibiza on a wet day, but Santa Gertrudis is a destination which can entertain the family. Sluiz is great for these rare wet occasions. On the road to Santa Gertrudis, you will see a carnival Big Top with blue cows in the trees. It is hard to miss. Walking the aisles of this outrageous home and décor emporium will bring a smile on your face. Being in the heart of a rural community, it is easy to find excellent locally grown produce in the various stalls on the side of the road. Santa Gertrudis has a real farm-to-table vibe to it.


Santa Gertrudis is a cosmopolitan village set amongst the rolling Ibiza heartlands. In recent years the property prices around this village have greatly increased and as a result urbanization has expanded with town houses walking distance to the town square.

Outside of the immediate neighborhood, the houses are some of the best examples of Country homes on the island. Blakstad Design Consultants are synonymous with capturing the zeitgeist of architecture on the island and the areas around Santa Gertrudis host some of their finest work.
The Ibiza dream for many is to escape city life and get back to nature. Santa Gertrudis is a natural attraction for many international families who relocated to large rustic properties and modernize them to versatile spaces with a deep sense of interconnectivity to their surroundings. Reformed fincas have the home comforts of modern living with the tranquility of space, peace, home grown vegetables and a place for the kids to run around.


The demand for holiday rentals is not as high as popular coastal locations so availability tends to be good. Fantastically inviting homes on gentle undulations are superbly positioned with expansive south facing views of the lush interior and far-reaching towards Dalt Vila and Ibiza Town. These views especially at night are as impressive as more expensive coastal vernaculars. Not being by the coast mean that demand and the volumes of enquiries is lower than properties near the beach. Morna International School has grown substantially over the past 10 years and as a result Long Term Rentals are almost impossible to find or presented at a premium.


Santa Gertrudis is bang in the center of Ibiza so you will need to travel to the beach, or alternatively rent a house with a big pool and escape the crowds. The best beach that is closest to Santa Gertrudis is Benirrás which can get extremely busy on Sunday evenings when local musicians drum in the sunset, hippies dance in the sand next to partners of Goldman Sachs on holiday. This beach is approximately 15 minutes from Santa Gertrudis.

San Miguel is a family beach which is wide and long offering kayaking, Stand-up paddle board and restaurants. The journey from Santa Gertrudis north to San Miguel is around 10 minutes


Being in the center of the island, the area surrounding Santa Gertrudis is some of Ibiza’s most fertile. The farmer stalls at the side of the road are cheap and plentiful often sourced at KM0. Restaurant options also embrace the popular Farm-to-Table dining culture. Aubergine is part of the Atzaro group certainly encapsulates this trend. Wild Beets in the middle of Santa Gertrudis established vegan cuisine on the island and will preach to the converted as well as provide a menu that will appeal to the most fervent carnivore.

The walled gardens, soothing pastels with with pops of color create a distinctly domestic dining austere at Amalur. Amalur’s modern Italian food really brings out emotions and each meal is an intense experience. A romantic setting with a superlative standard. Bar Costa is as traditional wet weather winter favorite. Costa has terrace dining on a kid-friendly pedestrianized square or an eclectic “rabbit warren” of dining rooms. A log burning fire emanates warmth and comforting perfumes of smoldering olive. Best enjoyed with mouthwatering Bellota ham and glass of red wine in hand.

Can Mimosa is a family run business and open year-round. The enclosed garden provides a peaceful ambiance matched by their hospitable and hard-working staff. Sluiz is a collection of kitsch with walls of Victorian inspired artwork, old dolls and trinkets providing a surreal atmosphere where the surroundings are as attractive as the food. House of Wow captures a similar ambiance of playfulness with a more sophisticated menu and worth investigating for events in the winter.


Family friendly plazas
Horse riding
Farm-to-table dining
Elegant country homes


San Miguel
San Rafael
San Lorenzo
Puig den Valls