San Lorenzo is the lush center of Ibiza with fertile red earth and rich groves of oranges, olives, pomegranate and figs. In the past few years, San Lorenzo has developed itself from poor cousin to its glitzy coastal cousins to a destination which encapsulates contemporary trends towards rejuvenate tourism and farm-to-table cuisine.


San Lorenzo is the name of the micro-village in the hills that wind their way to Santa Gertrudis but also the region of countryside including Atzaro and the Morna Valley. The verdant embrace of San Lorenzo is a soulful destination for those looking for a spiritual connection to a region steeped in agricultural heritage and brimming with an abundance of locally grown organic vegetables and fruits. San Lorenzo is at the forefront of a burgeoning trend, blending natural, health-oriented gastronomy with tourism that appeals to families and individuals seeking both wellness and wonder.

Venture into the heart of the San Lorenzo countryside, and you’ll find Atzaro Agroturismo, an epitome of sustainable luxury where a substantial revenue is generated from production of clementines, Navel oranges, lemons, limes, and pomelos, all nurtured with the philosophy of KM0, ensuring freshness and local sourcing. Amongst this metaphor for life, Atzaro offers uncluttered excellence with a calming balance of Moroccan and Asian themes to create an ambiance of modern Ibicenco farmer chic. The spa is one of the best on the island with a wide selection of indulgent treatments and yoga classes set in orange groves, with aromatic herbs lining a LOVE reflection pool. Welcoming to guests and non-guests alike and a destination for all seasons.

Terra Masia is a farming collective in San Lorenzo where you can walk the abundant gardens and engage with farmers to learn about produce and farming methods in this challenging environment.

Lush are proud sponsors of the Ibiza Cricket Club. Like the Jamaican Bobsled team, many are surprised to find the Ibiza Cricket Club situated in a perfect oval of grass in what was once a Horse Polo Ground. This collective of enthusiasts have an open door policy and love seeing new people at this special cricket ground. If you are in Ibiza and want to meet some locals and share the love of the game then the team plays most weekends from April, May, September and October. There is no local league so if you want to bring a team over then speak to Lush to arrange epic cricket tours.

Another way to immerse yourself into the local culture is a visit to one of the many Pottery studios. A welcoming network of Potters is a great way to connect with locals and often an unlikely highlight to a rejuvenate holiday.

Olive groves have flourished since early Christian times, with the industry experiencing a remarkable resurgence in the year 2000.


Driving between San Carlos to the San Juan Road, one may come across an building with immense curb appeal. This building is home to Blakstad Design Consultants. Blakstad is a name synonymous with contemporary finca conversions. Generations of the Blakstad family successfully captured the zeitgeist of architecture in Ibiza since Rolpf Blakstad arrived in the 1960s. An inspiration to many developers and homeowners in the island and especially around the San Lorenzo area where you will find many Blakstad country homes.

Homes in San Lorenzo are characterized by a blend of traditional Ibiza architecture with contemporary design elements. The cubic shapes of Phoenician homes are a traditional aesthetic these are incorporated with contemporary functionality and style whilst being interconnected with the bucolic surroundings.


San Lorenzo has increased in its popularity over the past decade and rental availability now can be of medium difficulty. It is possible to find one level houses in this area which are suitable to those with mobility issues. The array of excellent restaurants whilst being 10 minutes to the northern beaches make San Lorenzo popular for families looking for great restaurants and beaches.


San Lorenzo is a rural pastural area of Ibiza so not on the coast however on the island one is never too far away from a serene beach. San Lorenzo is no exception and tranquil, unspoiled beaches that either offer elegant dining or rustic chiringuitos are within a 20 minutes’ drive. The closest beaches are the Lush favorites of Aguas Blancas, Cala Nova, Cala Llenya, Pou des Llou, Cala Boix to name but a few. These beaches don’t tend to be as crowded compared to the more popular beaches in the South. True to much of the North of Ibiza the beaches are set in picturesque landscapes, including rocky cliffs, lush greenery, and scenic walking paths.

While the area is quieter than Ibiza’s party hotspots, there are still some delightful beach bars and restaurants where visitors can enjoy local and international cuisine, refreshing drinks, and the laid-back Ibizan atmosphere.


San Lorenzo embraces farm-to-table restaurants and the sustainable, locally produced, organic fruit and vegetables are readily available. When shopping for the villa, there are many ecological stores selling KM0 produce. A great example of this is the country chic Can Cristofol on the road between San Carlos making your way to the San Juan road. This collective of committed locals are devoted to high standards of sustainable production and soil quality.

La Paloma in the tiny hamlet of San Lorenzo is perched on top of a hill overlooking the lush interior of the island. The restaurant captures a laid-back vibe serving produce grown in their garden. The emphasis is on color, taste and fusion of flavors set under the shade of mature trees. The charm of the location makes it popular for lunch or warmly lit, romantic dinners.

Like La Paloma, Atzaro agroturismo is as close as it gets to an institution in this burgeoning restaurant scene. Whether it is a bottle of red wine sat next to a burning olive log in the winter or seated under the wisteria covered pergola in their garden terrace, the ambiance complements the organic and locally sourced menu.

The San Juan Road is the main artery linking Ibiza Town to the North of the Island. This road has no natural footfall and seems a surprising location to find a cluster of fantastic restaurants offering a range of cuisine but common in their pursuit of high-quality ingredients and a friendly, vibrant atmosphere. The most well-known is Bambuddah. This Indonesian inspired lush green garden, large pavilions exotic handicraft and colorful soft furnishings make it one of the most unique al fresco dining experiences on the island. Nagai also offers a Japanese fusion menu, and it would be a difficult choice as to whether Nagai or Bambuddah offered the best sushi. Both are excellent but Nagai perhaps slightly more elegant and refined whereas Bambuddah has a more varied menu. Bambuddah certainly wins for the best bar and it’s always a fun night out with lots of engaging fellow diners.

Es Cailu is easily recognizable with its Windmill and characterful façade. The service at Es Cailu is excellent and they have an inherent pride that is so important for family run restaurants. The family atmosphere and walled gardens make this a beautiful evening meal often with live music. The BBQ on wood fired grill with expertly selected cuts of meats. Es Pins, also on the same road and a perennial favorite with the payes, local farmers.
A mi Manera has a homely ambiance especially at night when the huge carob tree is lit with fairy lights creating a calming, dreamlike atmosphere. The restaurant sources its ingredients directly from its own garden or local farms is a focus. The freshness of the food and the authenticity of the flavors served with Italian sophistication. Everyone likes eating under a tree.
Finally, local olive grower the Guasch family opened Ses Escoles Oleoteca to honor the island’s “liquid gold”. Ses Escoles is located in a former school building, with cloistered dining rooms and historic stone walls serving traditional Ibicenco dishes with a modern touch that are elegant in their simplicity.


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