An iconic town in Ibiza which like much of the island is growing into itself and now offers an environment and facilities to a broader market whilst retaining the cheeky fun and natural beauty that put it on the map. For decades, San Antonio was the entry level for British tourists arriving to Ibiza. As time passes, those with nostalgic memories of the West End in its glory will be surprised to see this town maturing. San Antonio is blessed by a calm and picturesque natural harbor which comes alight with technicolor sunsets.

San Antonio is dear to those that love her and strange to those that don’t. With the island’s first Michelin Star restaurant, impressive marina, and “gentrification” of the West End this town has plenty of upside potential. Thankfully, the “all you can drink” nights and foam parties aren’t as prevalent anymore but young partygoers from around the world still flock to this fun-filled Sodom with international DJs, pool parties and sunset sessions.


Sunsets and cocktails. San Antonio, perched on Ibiza’s western coast, is famed for its captivating sunsets, lively nightlife, and scenic beaches. The Sunset Strip, adorned with bars and cafes, offers an unparalleled view of the sun setting below the horizon. Café del Mar and Mambo are both equally iconic with DJ sets and sunset sessions. Hostal la Torre is a short drive and lush’s favorite sunset spot. Islander tip, if you want to save €100 per head then pack a picnic and sit on the rocks in front of the hotel. Sunsets of pure emotion will fill the soul with gratitude.

The marina has an excellent range of boat charters. A Lush favorite is the Fjord 42, Aurora of Lymington, which is the perfect day boat for trips to Formentera or a half day charter taking in Es Vedra and finishing with a sunset offshore opposite the masses on the sunset strip Renowned as one of Ibiza’s nightlife hub, San Antonio boasts numerous clubs with a resurgent Eden nightclub hosting happy people in one of the worlds most renowned venues. O Beach is the quintessential San Antonio day party and great for a group of friends in celebration mode. The other establishments in the O Beach Group, namely the hotel Wi-Ki-Woo, modern Chinese restaurant Chi Kee Wun also share the same motif of fun and sun. Families are well advised to visit Bam-Bu-Ku which is a classy beach club with surf pool where kids can learn how to make party in Ibiza.

The concept hotel chain by Diego Calva offers vibrant effervescence with Romeos being the flagship hotel in the chain. Expect Grease with a touch of Happy Days with a heavy seasoning of Balearic hedonism. Any description of San Antonio cannot fail to mention the legendary Pikes hotel. A hotel of hedonism, where fun and adventure pulses like a living organism. The event list is always worth researching. Have a look out for Lush favourite, Melon Bomb. The Melon Bomb collective encapsulates the spirit of this unique, eclectic hotel. You can check in anytime you like but you can never leave.


San Antonio is the name of the town and the wider municipality which covers a wide area of countryside to the coast. Like the other five main municipalities the main town will be predominantly apartments which are only available for rental for durations longer than a month. As San Antonio has traditionally been a “working class” area the town is made up of low-rise residential apartments rather than villas which will be located on the nearby hills overlooking the Bay.

As San Antonio caters for a younger demographic compared to other municipalities such as Santa Eulalia and San José the villas often tend to be setup for groups of friends therefore robustness outweighs attention to detail.

Whereas villas in San Antonio is limited, the town and surrounding Bay area is not short of excellent hotel accommodation. Innside by Melia is priced for families with the high quality of service synonymous with the Melia brand. Innside has beach access and a rooftop terrace, which is open for guests and non-guests. The rooftop terrace is a special venue for sunset celebrations.


San Antonio is good at accommodating for groups that are visiting for short stays. The owners tend to have seen it all so for those groups looking to blow off some steam then you won’t raise many eyebrows around here. That being said, tolerance for unruly behavior has certainly run out and although locals want tourists to have fun that cannot come at the expense of others.


San Antonio boasts a variety of beaches. The main beach, S’Arenal, with its soft sand and shallow waters, is a perfect playground for tourists throughout the summer. Es Puet, a tranquil spot farther along the bay, is renowned for watersports. Calo des Moro offers a small sandy beach and a delightful wooden platform for sun enjoyment. A mere 15-minute walk west leads to the stunning beaches of Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta. For those seeking more, the west side of the island reveals magnificent bays like Cala Conta, Cala Bassa, and Cala Salada, easily reachable from San Antonio within a 10-minute drive


Kumaras in the nearby Bay area is certainly worth a visit with a huge dining terrace, well priced food caravans providing tasty street food and irreplaceable sunsets orchestrated by an excellent roster of DJs.

Hostal la Torre is superbly run by the Mambo group with consistent food, drinks, and service. This reformed hostel now hosts high-end clientele with elevated dining overlooking the cliffs the sparkling sea. Ensure that you book in advance and take the main terrace option if possible, alternatively if weather is a bit iffy, the covered terrace will provide more shelter.

Es Trágon received Ibiza’s first Michelin star in 2019 and ever since the intimate surroundings are inundated with reservation requests. An alternative, may be Sa Capella on the road to Santa Agnés which also offers locally sourced food with views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Beach dining around San Antonio is particularly attractive with typical tapas at Es Pouet and Es Ventall for traditional Spanish cuisine and Tapas. Set back from the busy beachfront is the restaurant, Tapas. This hidden gem is a perennial favorite serving Tapas, as one would expect, with a contemporary twist. The British owners aren’t restricted by traditional norms and the result is creative, tasty sharing plates.


San Antonio promenade 
Café del Mar and Mambo
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Cala Saladeta
Flower Power Hippie Festival
Aurora of Lymington


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