The salt works of Ibiza date back to Phoenicians around 800 BC. Before the parties, the luxury, the hippies it was Salt that put Ibiza on the map. This abundance of this natural resource is why Ibiza is called the White Isle and made it a port for Phoenician and Carthaginian trading vessels to visit whilst making their way up the Southern European coastline. Salt was highly regarded and the only means of preserving food, therefore making Ibiza, an island bereft of natural resources, prosperous beyond its size. This is a useful metaphor to describe modern day Ibiza. A small island with a big name. For many reasons, it still centers around Salinas.


For anyone flying to Ibiza the first welcoming sights will be the beauty of Salinas and the glitzy lights of Playa d’en Bossa. A beautiful juxtaposition and accurate summation of what this vibrant island has to offer. This juxtaposition also poses an interesting question for Ibiza’s tourism industry, is Ibiza’s strength in her beaches and natural beauty or the leisure industry. In this stretch of the coastline, you will see both forces close by.

Salinas was dedicated a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. The famed salt flats are rich with biodiversity including Flamingos and the occasional rental car on the way back from a long lunch… The pristine beaches of Ses Salines and Es Cavallet with their rolling dunes and twisted sabinas make this part of the coastline very different to the cliffs and pebbly coastal vernacular from es Codolar to Cala D’Hort. Salinas is perhaps the most popular beach amongst residents of Ibiza, which always makes for quite a sight on the New Year’s Day swim every year.

Playa d’en Bossa, on the other hand, is a delightful contrast, known as Ibiza’s, longest and most vibrant beach. It’s a perfect blend of luxury and excitement. This lively beachfront is dotted with chic beach clubs, renowned restaurants, and world-class nightclubs, making it the heartbeat of Ibiza’s unparalleled nightlife. Playa d’en Bossa has set the standard for clubbing for the past twenty years. As these early pioneers of Acid House worshipping every Sunday at Space have matured so has the Clubbing experience. According to DJ Mag, Ushuaïa is ranked the fifth best Club in the world and Hï Ibiza is the reigning champion. These clubs offer a high-quality experience, and this is what the clientele demands in such a competitive market. With so many locations and festivals vying for the best DJs and trying to take market share from Ibiza it is hugely impressive that these Clubs move with the times and remain market leaders. It is probably fair to say that this polished Clubbing product appeals to a wider range of people than Ibiza of the 90s. You aren’t too old to go to these Clubs.

In the pursuit of quality, a night out is expensive but when you walk out of Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza with your best friends after a memorable night then this is an unmatched hedonistic experience. It is worthwhile talking to someone in the know who can steer you in the right direction as each night at the Club will be hosted by different promoters who are targeting different segments of the market. One night might be to your taste and the next night might not.

DC-10 by the Airport is a Clubbing experience closer to those long-yearned for years of the 1990s and 2000s. The Club prides itself on being solely about the music and can be said to have taken the mantle that Space passed on after it changed skin into what is now known as Hï. The Club is smaller than its larger peers, but it is worth noting that it will have 3000+ revelers each night. DC-10 probably isn’t an entry-level Clubbing experience/ Anyone with a love for Techno will have this venue high on their itinerary and the Club has an almost cult like following.

Whether you seek peaceful natural beauty or the pulsating rhythm of Ibiza’s nightlife, these locations cater to every whim with elegance, energy and exclusivity.


Salinas is a national park and quite rightly highly protected, so we do not represent villas without the necessary tourist licenses in this fragile habitat. Playa d’en Bossa is closer to the Las Vegas strip with a myriad of bustling hotels aimed at entry level travelers and an increasing majority of five-star luxury resorts. For clients wanting to stay right in the middle of Playa d’en Bossa then they will be better served by the many excellent hotels rather than villa rentals. For those looking for more exclusivity and the home comforts of a villa close to Playa d’en Bossa and Salinas, we have properties in Sa Carroca which are within 2-5 minutes drive that we can recommend.


Playa d’en Bossa and Salinas have enormous appeal, but this tends to be on a spot basis with tourists visiting the beach clubs and nightlife then returning to their accommodation. This is a hugely busy part of Ibiza in the summer so availability will be tight, and hotels dominate this part of the island where those wanting to stay in the action will probably only be looking for short stays, between 2-5 nights rather than the week bookings at villas.


In the Salinas National Park, the two main beaches are Ses Salinas and Es Cavallet. Both stretches of the coast are sandy and south facing with views of S’Espalmador and Formentera in the not-too-distant horizon. Walks through the coastal Sabina woodlands, with their windswept shapes forming like fully giant bonsai trees, lead you to dunes and interesting sandstone rock formations. The salt plains bordering the pristine waters make this a popular destination for natural lovers. With an envious range of restaurants and beach clubs this is also popular with boats and those seeking feet-in-the-sand dancing.

If that sounds like you then you’ll find some of the best examples of Balearic music at the beach clubs of Sa Trinxa, Beso and Jockey Club.

Sa Trinxas origins dates back to the 1970s when it was a little chiringuitio. This little chiringuito is now a landmark of Ibiza. Located on a section of the beach which gets the best afternoon sun, this beach club is famous for its Balearic Music which contrary to popular opinion is not Techno with the true definition of Balearic music according to resident DJ Jon Sa Trinxa, being whatever music fits the crowd and the vibe at that moment.

Jockey Club is a lunch venue with sunbeds that is easier to access than Sa Trinxa. A reliable recommendation with waiters that never smile but somehow always have a good time and the dance floor can be electric with revelers grooving in the sand and on tables. Kids and adults all get involved in the action.

Beso Beach is the most recent excellent addition to Salinas and quickly established herself as a hedonistic day venue. Situated close to the Salt Works, Beso is hand clapping fun with excellent cuisine. The sister restaurant in Formentera also imports this laid-back happy vibe. Oh and more dancing on the tables!

The long stretch of Playa d’en Bossa has lush Beach Clubs. Nassau Beach Club is at the most beautiful part of the beach and within sight of the stone watchtower and dense vegetation of Salinas national park. Nassau serves up an incredibly fusion menu bringing together Asian and Mediterranean beach cuisine. The atmosphere is friendly and chilled then the BPM picks up as the day gets older. Soak in the sun or enjoy the club’s nightlife. Take a cocktail or get a massage. Nassau has everything you need for an indulgent day.

In terms of the vibe, Tanit Beach Club is known for being more chilled out than some of the other party-centric spots in Ibiza. It’s a place where you can unwind and relax during the day, enjoying the sun and the beautiful beachfront setting. The music is generally a mix of laid-back tunes and soft electronic beats, perfect for a leisurely day by the sea. In the evenings, the mood becomes slightly more vibrant, but it still maintains its relaxed ethos, making it an ideal location for those who want to enjoy the Ibiza vibe without the intensity of a full-on party scene.

At the southern end of Playa d’en Bossa is an authentic slice of the real Ibiza and seems a million miles from the sights and sounds of its rowdy neighbor. Lush vegetation and stone watchtower effortlessly interact with the surrounding landscape. With its pristine waters and excellent snorkeling opportunities, La Xanga is a welcome refuge. A small archipelago is a popular snorkeling destination whilst the walks through the Sabina forests provide welcome shade from the harsh summer’s sun. Flat rocks and fisherman huts make this a wonderful sunbathing spot.

Another secret cove is also Ibiza’s most southerly beach, Cala Llaga. Not to be confused with Cala Llonga, Cala Llenya. Cala Llaga is a beautifully formed crescent-shaped, pebbly beach. There are rocks and platforms lining the bay which are perfect for diving and jumping. Accessible from Salinas. Remarkable view along the coast from Salinas to the distant views of Formentera and S’Espalmador and S’Espardell. One of the most beautiful beaches in the book, with its Sea Access, Sand and Small pebbles, seclusion and beauty.


This southern coastline is a gastronomy hub, from Michelin Star restaurants to feet-in-the sand chiringuitos.

In Es Cavallet you have the restaurant La Escollera in a stunning location on the waterfront and El Chiringito, a popular beach club.

The drive to Es Cavallet through the narrow roads bordered by the colorful salt plains is a fitting prelude to the high end culinary that awaits. La Escollera and El Chriniguito are situated on sand dunes with tussock rhythmically flowing in the wind. The setting can take a Caribbean austere, but these establishments are quintessentially Balearic. La Escollera began with a grandmother cooking Paella on es Cavallet beach. The restaurant now is a sophisticated restaurant without being pretentious serving Mediterranean Asian fusion and high quality, fresh, locally sourced food. Lush always loves restaurants that are open year-round and La Escollera always seems to offer a touch of summer even in the colder months.

There are many chiringuitos but there is only one El Chiringuito. El Chiringuito Beach House in Es Cavallet is the premier Mediterranean restaurant and home to the rich and famous. Its chic beach decor evokes the elegance of Formentera and Ibiza. Ideal for long lunches, guests can enjoy exquisite cuisine including authentic Mediterranean dishes, tapas, fresh seafood, and the signature paella. Evenings transform with a resident DJ, setting a lively mood perfect for dancing. El Chiringuito is more than a dining experience; it’s a memorable event marked by its famous starting point – a delicious Mojito.

In the heart of Playa d’en Bossa, ‘UNIC’ by David Grussaute offers a luxurious escape into authentic Ibizan flavors. Blending Mediterranean cuisine with French influences, Grussaute masterfully narrates the island’s heritage through his dishes. His dedication to sustainability shines in his use of local sea plants and pine forests, crafting a unique culinary experience.

For families seeking an exclusive, emotional culinary journey, UNIC is an unparalleled choice. Here, tradition and innovation merge, complemented by a refined wine selection, offering a truly opulent Ibizan gastronomic adventure.


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