Roca Lisa is an gated community situated equidistant between Jesús and Santa Eulalia. The management of urbanization, particularly regarding the high standards of cleanliness, road quality and security, has been greatly improved over the years and it is now regarded as Ibiza’s premier gated community. This magnificent place is a popular destination for holidaymakers and wealthy residents from all over the world due to its exclusivity and outstanding natural beauty. Coastal pine woodland, impressive rock formations, sea views and the enticing view of Formentera are popular rental requisites.


Like Vista Allegre there are no retail or grocery stores within the community and the only food & beverage options are the excellent chiringuito at Cala Olivera and the equally excellent 19th Hole at the Roca Lisa golf course.

The nearest minimarket is only a short distance from the entrance gates and for a bigger shop either Jesús or Santa Eulalia have plenty of choice. The urbanization winds its way through steep coastal terrain, between Mega-villas with striking façades and remarkable sea views. The distance from the entrance gate to the further reaches of Roca Lisa may take over 10 minutes so it is worth investigating locations if you do not have the lay of the land.

Golf Ibiza is the island’s only course. The club has an 18-hole course and a 9-hole course. The terrain is hilly and plays long so it is advised to take a buggy especially in the midday sun. The greens tend to be in fair condition, perhaps not to the high standards expected by some British players but they do a fine job. Water is a scare resource in Ibiza and the course is watered by grey water from the hotels in nearby Cala Llonga therefore it might be contrarian to imagine that the course can be dry in winter compared to the months when the hotels are open. The facilities are excellent and staff friendly. The driving range open to the public and priced for kids to enjoy, making for a nice activity when the weather isn’t great. The restaurant has an open fireplace which makes for a nice place to clear the emails on a rainy day.

Can Muson in the surrounding countryside is a small organic farm which young children adore. The farm has a variety of animals and children are encouraged to feed and interact with nature. The café serves locally grown KM0 produce with good coffee and juices. For families looking for summer school activities then Muson offers a well-managed farm school for young children to get back to nature with hands-on learning.


Roca Lisa suits clients looking for modern versatility, picture perfect infinity pools and indoor-outdoor living distributed on terraces. Most of the access tends to be quite steep so for those with mobility issues this will be a problem. The houses are large and neighbors well-healed with a high proportion of Germans but also lots of Brits.

Building restrictions on urban land are friendlier in construction terms compared to rustic land in the countryside. The properties in Roca Lisa tend to maximize the urban classification and offer clients homes of grand dimensions. Modern geometric architecture and the rugged cliffs with calming seas juxtapose beautifully to give an austere of elegance and sophistication. A natural orientation to the sun, and sea invite an excellent quality of natural light though extensive glazing which characterizes the architecture in this area. Sunrises at Roca Lisa are popular and sweeping terraces are meticulously positioned to take full vantage of island life with a pleasant procession of boats making their way to nearby Formentera.

Due to the versatility and scale of these properties there are some with nightclubs which comply to the well policed noise restrictions. These after-parties tend to be the stuff of legend. To be fair the disruption is quite minimal and well managed. This may mean that the streets before the entrance gates will be busy at times.


Roca Lisa doesn’t have the quantity of rental villas that other comparable urbanizations such as Vista Allegre can offer. The area is popular with second homeowners of whom will enjoy there villas in the summer. The location is highly appealing especially to families wanting to enjoy the attractions of Ibiza’s luxury nightlife, the security of 24/7 vigilantes and have a holiday home large enough for kids to enjoy. Contrary to popular opinion, these family profiles make up the bulk of enquiries, so Roca Lisa’s appeal and availability is unwavering.


Roca Lisa has a quaint beach amongst opulent properties. The beach has a pleasant natural cove, sheltered by interesting rock formations making for secluded sunbathing platforms. Vegetation grows right to the waters edge but as Roca Lisa grows so does the development and there are now some huge waterfront villas which aren’t overbearing but it isn’t the secret beach it once was. Although in a residential area, many residents will choice to be poolside so the beach is not as overcrowded as it could be and the clear waters, rocky crevices and marine life make for good snorkeling conditions. Nearby beaches include family friendly Cala Llonga and the spectacular Sol d’en Serra.


The chiringuito at Cala Olivera is accessible by the public roads which have full access through the gated community to the coastline. A small terrace perched above the gently lapping waves of this perfectly formed beach. Cala Olivera chiringuito is surrounded by exacting clientele and the quality of the seafood is of a high standard, particularly the freshly grilled squid.

The restaurant at the Golf Club can be easily overlooked but makes for an excellent working lunch or pleasant place to relax whilst the kids play on the putting green or on the driving range. Mature trees provide shade for the terrace in the harsh summers sun. The food is hearty and tasty with favorites being the winter fare of roasted meats and vegetables. Staff are welcoming to players and non-players alike.

Amante Beach restaurant is a Lush favorite and always at the top of our recommendations. The restaurant, once a humble chringuito has been the subject of continued sophisticated over the years produces unforgettable meals and wonderful memories. Few restaurants can boast a terrace with a view as pictureseque as Amante’s, which is distributed over three distinctly wonderful terraces in the dramatic cliffs of Sol d’en Serra. Despite a famously intimate kitchen, the food is par excellence served with an effortless attention to detail. A day of true indulgence begins with the cocktail of the day on the luxuriant Sunbed, followed by a superlative lunch with chilled rosé and finishing off at the relaxed and fantastically inviting cocktail bar. The organic fruit and vegetable store at Can Muson is the closest and freshest produce to Roca Lisa. Their fruit and vegetables are varied and where possible grown on-site.


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Amante Beach Restaurant
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