The Northern most tip of Ibiza is a stunning coastal area with steep hills, sheer cliffs, lush pine woodland and deep clear waters. The coastal vernacular is known for its breathtaking Meditereanean views and serenity.

Ibiza is an Island that can be enjoyed by foot or on the water and there are fewer finer spots in the Balearics for adventurous souls to seek hidden coves with sun sets and moon rises.


Portinax is a bay in the northernmost point of the island and it’s worth exploring for its beautiful beaches and nature. In recent years, Portinatx has developed its luxury credentials whilst remaining a popular resort for the family market.

It’s one of the most important tourist areas in the North and it’s not short of hotels of different levels, apartments, and mini-markets. The famous hotel Six Senses is also located here, and external guests can buy daily passes to its Spa or access its restaurants. Six Senses is reassuringly expensive and suited for travelers looking for utter indulgence all in one spot rather than those looking to eat at different restaurants and enjoy Ibiza’s legendary nightlife.

The secluded bay of Cala Portinatx is lined with sea front hotels and terraces overlooking a peaceful vista of small leisure craft, sunbathing tourists and families swimming in the safe waters. A PADI dive center is situated on this beach and recommended as one of the best places on Ibiza to learn to dive or for more experienced dive tours.

There is a comfortable hike to the northern tip of Ibiza where the monochrome lighthouse stands like a sentinel. When conditions are right it is possible to see the sun set and the moon rise at the same time. This is off the beaten track and perfectly situated for complete solitude and reflection.

Cala Xarraca, is a secluded paradise, famous for its crystal-clear waters, perfect for snorkeling, and a peaceful, untouched landscape. This rugged coastline is a blend of lively beach life and tranquil natural retreats, embodying the diverse beauty of Ibiza.


Villas in this quiet area tend to be elevated for sea views and orientated towards the setting sun. The houses tend to cater for the family market and although you will find the five-star villa accommodation at Six Senses this is an exception to the rule. Most of the properties will be traditional Ibicenco properties with blue border window frames, cubist dimensions with the decorative round turrets which were popular in residential construction during the 1980s.


Portinatx and Xarraca have some large hotels and the majority of tourists will stay in this accommodation. There is not a lot of demand for rentals in this part of the island. This is certainly not to imply that the area is unappealing. Quite the contrary, it is one of the most beautiful parts of Ibiza. Access from San Juan roundabout to these locations can be challenging for unfamiliar visitors, yet the journey reveals some of the island’s most picturesque landscapes.


The best hidden coves and secret beaches are in this northern part of the island. Beaches, like Caló de s’Illa, known as Moon Beach, captivate with salt crystal-filled craters with a lunar ambiance. At the northern part of Moon Beach shallow waters are accessible over iron-rich volcanic rocks, while the southern side, has smooth pebbles romantically lined with fisherman huts. The view of the setting sun into the calm sea and small island on the horizon is one of the best.

Es Canaret, bakes in the sunlight all day and long leisurely afternoons are filled with swimming adventures and paddle boarding. There is a small island 10 meters from the shore and drops to a depth of 3-4 meters. The snorkeling through this canal is very lush and an unforgettable experience with varied Sealife and fantastically inviting rock formations.

The calm waters of Cala de Xarraca, resembling a vast swimming pool, and safe swimming for small children. Vibrant bars make it a destination for long summer afternoons ordering takeaway beers to enjoy on the beach with loved ones. The beach is crowded in the summer so make for the satellite beaches or head for Cala Xuclar for privacy and seclusion set in characterful surrounding.


Los Enamorados is quintessentially Balearic with a laid back vibe, well curated boutique, pops of color and owners that are as wild as the décor. This bohemian setting is idyllic sipping one of the many moreish cocktails served on a sunset terrace overlooking a glassy bay with rocky outcrops.

Six Senses offers The Beach Caves for sophisticated gatherings and The North for a blend of Israeli and Ibizan flavors. For budget-friendly local meals, Don Quijote is a great choice. A lush recommendation for any foodie worth their salt is the family-run chiringuito of Cala Xuclar. With only a handful of tables Xuclar is an immersive dining experience offering fresh seafood right on the sand. Cala Xarraca Restaurant is famed for its stunning view and location.

Overlooking the main beach, S’Arenal in Portinatx, Caballito del Mar combines seclusion with captivating sea views. S’illot des Renclí is a renowned spot for paella, swimming, and snorkeling. Time your visit to catch the sunset, Cala d’en Serra, heralded as one of Europe’s best beaches, offers a sandy haven with a laid-back bar atmosphere. Perfect for families, the bar serves crisp salads, homemade burgers, grilled prawns, and club sandwiches, all contributing to a welcoming, relaxed beach day.


Hidden Coves and pristine beaches
Hiking to the Lighthouse
Traditional dining and chiringuitos
Los Enamorados


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