Cala d’Hort and Cala Carbo have a mystic haze to them. The drive from San José is windy with steep ravines that soon give way to the peaks of the magnetic Es Vedra as she rises 400m out of the sea. It starts as whisper then mystical attraction grows ever stronger as one approaches this spiritual icon. Whether you are at one of the many excellent restaurants, relaxing pool side at the villa or on the beach of this part of the island, it feels as though one is drawn to reach out and touch this magnetic formation. The coastal setting is truly one of the most jaw-dropping in the Mediterranean and this outstanding natural beauty may not be matched but at times rivaled by the special villas located here.


The mysticism of Es Vedra spawns’ countless ancient legends and undeniably spiritual. Homer writes about the island as the home of the Sirens in the Odyssey. Carthaginians worshiped Es Vedra as the home of the goddess of love and fertility, Tanit. Contemporary myths site visions of the Buddha, circles of light beneath the sea and UFOs in the skis. Compasses can go haywire apparently due to Es Vedra being the “third most magnetic place on earth”.

Es Vedra is the most iconic view of Ibiza. Most photographs relating to Ibiza seem to have this recognizable island. The area around Cala d’Hort and surrounding coastline is highly protected with well-trodden leading to pirate towers, vantage points and secret beaches. Paths range from family friendly to challenging descents with challenging underfoot conditions and lengthy gut-busting climbs. Not for the faint-heated, the search for Atlantis is worth an adventure but leave enough time for a steep return trip. The limestone cliffs on this part of the coast contort into psychedelic patterns and provide challenging faces for rock climbing best enjoyed in the cooler months. Constant change and erosion shape the vernacular we enjoy today. One such example is the Eye of Es Vedra which is a popular stop and photo opportunity during hikes.

A boat charter taking in Es Vedra should be on everyone’s itinerary. Many people come to Ibiza and plan a day trip (8 hours) to Formentera for lunch. A more cost effective and equally spectacular option is a half day charter form Botafoch, Ibiza Marina or the marina in San Antonio, taking in Es Vedra and a sunset off the coast at Cala Tarida or San Antonio.

Spirituality and mysticism are important fibers to Ibiza’s rich fabric and a perennial favorite for seekers around the world. The cliffs overlooking Es Vedra make for an awe inspiring and moving ceremonial healing setting.

The eBike Club takes exhilarating guided tours which is an exciting and accessible way to explore this coastline. For complete self-indulgence, the Seven Pines Wellness & Spa is open to non-guests. This hotel complex has been a popular addition and is open for a longer duration than other resorts. The Wellness & Spa is one of the island’s best with senses heightened by the Es Vedra view.


Cala d’Hort is highly protected and the houses overlooking Es Vedra tend to be scattered in the coastal pine woodland and situated on cliffs orientated towards the late afternoon sun and drenched in golden light in the later hours of the day. Cala Carbo by contrast has several urbanisations with Es Vedra and sea views. These urbanisations are made up of modern new build houses with less privacy than some of the villas closer to Cala d’Hort.


An Es Vedra view is one of the most desired characteristics in rental enquiries and there just aren’t a lot of houses which have this. It is going to be very hard to find an Es Vedra view with absolutely no neighbors and even more difficult to find the view, privacy and a charming finca. Most of the properties in this area will be either 1970s, 1980s builds that have been reformed or they will be showpiece contemporary architecture with striking geometrics to rival the coastal vistas. Sunsets and Es Vedra are a powerful pairing. The sun does take quite a journey during the seasons so it is worth enquiring where the sun will be setting during your stay. With the high demand for the Es Vedra view you can expect to pay a premium to similar houses situated in nearby Cala Vadella.


The beaches of Cala d’Hort and Cala Carbo may not be the most convenient location but the aura of Es Vedra and beautiful still waters make this area a must-do when visiting Ibiza. The beaches of Cala d’Hort and Cala Carbo are pebbly which may not be as comfortable underfoot but makes for incredibly clear waters. Fisherman huts line the beach of Cala d’Hort and the walk from the beach to es Boldado is on of the most romantic pre-lunch strolls on the island.

Access to Cala d’Hort is quite steep and the parking is challenging from May to October. It is advisable to get there early…and get car insurance as it is not uncommon for cars to get scratched by less considerate motorists leaving their tight parks.

Cala Truja and Cap Blanc are secret beaches and as close as one can get to Es Vedra from the land. The descents to Cap Blanc is extreme where as the rocky platforms and sunbathing rocky ledges of Cala Truja is complemented by deep transparent waters with excellent snorkeling.


Setting the towels out on Cala d’Hort and walking the beach past the fisherman huts and winding your way up the cliff to a welcoming chilled glass of Rosé at es Boldado is certainly one of the finer things in life. Boldado does an excellent Paella and the view of Es Vedra takes center stage during the lunch. A Lush Experience is an evening visit with the full moon when the bay of Cala d’Hort twinkles in the silvery ribbons of moonlight.

El Carmen offers traditional mediterranean seafood in a family-run establishment with Caribbean-style panoramic views of Es Vedra. Classic plates of Jamón, padron peppers, Galician octopus, freshly caught Groper, mussels, excellent steaks, paellas and local Bullit de Peix. These restaurants are almost always busy and they are quite expensive. An Islander recommendation is ordering a picnic prepared by Into the Wild Picnics and set up at one of the many secluded suntraps overlooking the bay.


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