Situated between San José and San Antonio lie the golden sands and sophisticated beach culture of Cala Tarida, a perineal favorite for summer sunseekers. The gentle lapping waters of the sheltered cove of Cala Vadella with a wide area of sand and abundance of sun beds make this beach popular for families. The privacy and translucent waters at Cala Molí complete this triumvirate of varied beaches all within a short distance from one another.

These beaches are all excellent locations to see the sun setting into the sea. It is worth remembering that the sun’s most northern sunset at the Summer Solstice around June 21st and it is farthest southern sunset at the Winter Solstice around December 21st.


One of Ibiza’s most magnificent resorts, Ibiza beach Cala Tarida is the longest and widest beach of fine white sand on the island’s west coast. Famous for her beautiful blue, turquoise and emerald green waters offering a bit of something for everyone – including beach volleyball, water sports, and even a diving school. Cala Tarida is not just about sandy shores; its surrounding terrain includes beautiful hills and valleys filled with pines, sabinas and native olives. These discrete valleys and elevations are perfectly positioned for some of the island’s most exclusive villas to enjoy the golden hues, pastels, purples, and reds of the sun set skies.

Cala Tarida caters for high end dining and Cala Vadella is more family focused with beach clubs that are accommodating to kids. The wide sandy beach and cove is coupled with restaurants, sun beds and water sport hiring when it is often to see Yoga on Stand-Up Paddleboard. The glassy waters are popular for yachts and boats anchoring, adding glamour to the coastal beauty.

Cala Molí is the smallest cove with a pebble beach which may be harder on the feet but makes for excellent underwater visibility. For the adventurous, swimming out to the nearby outcrops and jumping off the rocks in the bay is great fun. They are jagged and best to have fun but be cautious.


The foothills around Cala Tarida are surprisingly discrete for such a popular part of the island. The houses are some of the most exclusive due to the sunset orientation and proximity to sophisticated beach clubs set on beaches of golden sand with stunning turquoise waters. The high value of the properties means that many have been reformed to offer versatile modern living with sensitive partitions opening to pool terraces blurring the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living.


Along with Cala Jondal and Cap Martinet this is one of the busiest parts of the island and availability can be challenging. This high demand is reflected in the prices. The most expensive properties are in the foothills of Cala Tarida. Cala Vadella also offers exclusive properties in the foothills overlooking the sea, but Vadella is made up of large urbanizations in the bay itself and including the sea front properties of Caló d’en Real. There tends to be family priced properties around Vadella with good views but sometimes overlooked by neighbors.


Cala Tarida plays the lead with a panache that entertains the glitz and glamour of A lister high end clientele. Cala Tarida’s western orientation offers some of the most breathtaking sunsets on the island. Cala Tarida is the holder of the title for the longest and widest stretch of fine white sand in the area. These golden sands are well seasoned with sun beds and shade and this beach gets very busy during the peak season but as it is nearly 1km wide it can accommodate the masses. For a unique experience, swim out to the intriguingly shaped, flat rocks off the coast. They’re perfect for snorkeling adventures or a serene sunbathing session away from the crowd.

Cala Tarida and Cala Vadella both have characteristic shallow waters, kid-friendly activities and a lifeguard on duty make this area especially popular with families.

The waters of Cala Molí are known for their exceptional clarity, making it a haven for snorkelers and divers seeking to explore vibrant marine life.


Cotton Beach Club stands as the epitome of Ibiza’s design aesthetic. This stunning destination, adorned in all white, masterfully reflects the deep blue tones of the sea and sky. Perched above Cala Tarida Beach on the island’s southwest shore, Cotton Beach Club is situated 40 meters above sea level, offering exclusive beach access and awe-inspiring views. It’s a favored spot for romantics from all over the island, who gather to experience the club’s renowned sunset displays, where the sun seamlessly merges into the Mediterranean. As evening falls, the venue transforms, illuminated by soft candlelight, with indoor and outdoor fireplaces adding warmth to the cooler nights.

Cotton Beach Club serves a fusion of Mediterranean and metropolitan flavors, complemented by an aperitivo-style buffet in the main dining area. This unique culinary experience, combined with the breathtaking setting, makes Cotton Beach Club a must-visit destination in Ibiza.

In the competitive beach club market the beneficiary is the user and every year the bar is set that bit higher. El Silencio is one such destination which has transformed from chiringuito to uber bling to its current skin as a gastronomy hub set amidst the rocks, waves and sea views. El Silencio, the Ibizan beach club owned by the iconic Parisian club Silencio, is situated in Cala Molí. The menu draws inspiration from Mediterranean lifestyle and Argentine flavors. It features the freshest seasonal ingredients cooked on an open fire. Highlights include tuna belly tartare, grilled king crab, truffled chicken, giant Puglia burrata, and other grilled delights.

For a more traditional meal, as the road to Cala Tarida descends it is hard to miss the covered colonial terraces of S’Espartar. Renowned for its authentic local cuisine and excellent Paella. This gastronomic haven, favored by both tourists and locals, offers a menu rich with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, particularly highlighting exquisite grilled seafood and salt baked cod. Celebrated for its commitment to traditional Ibicenco flavors, S’Espartar provides a dining experience that captures the essence of the island. Its rustic charm and cozy atmosphere enhance its appeal, making it an ideal spot for both intimate and group dining. With a picturesque setting and warm hospitality, S’Espartar is a must-visit for an authentic taste of Ibiza’s culinary delights.


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