The South of Ibiza from Sa Caleta to Es Torrent is the one of the most exclusive stretches of coastline in the Mediterranean. This coastline is blessed with natural beauty and home to the most exclusive properties in Ibiza. The sparkling, crystalline waters communicate juxtapose beautifully with the dramatic coastline made up of coastal pine woodlands which reach to the water’s edge. The turquoise blue, lush greens and rocky red cliffs are a palette of striking beauty.

A veritable who’s who of the Rich and Famous make the annual pilgrimage to this trendy coastline. From party people to wealthy families the outstanding restaurants in this area serve clients who are accustomed to eating at Michelin restaurants across the world. It is a testament to their pulling power that these demanding clientele return every season.


Whether you are looking for a quiet family beach or indulging in premier league people-watching then you will find it on the coastline on this southern chain between Sa Caleta and es Torrent, including the exclusive peninsula of Porroig and the uber famous Cala Jondal.

Cala Jondal the most well-known beach in this grouping. With acclaimed front-line sea view dining and beach club vibes. Cala Jondal is a must-visit for many high-end and aspirational tourists. There is usually a good reason to visit Cala Jondal and its popularity is due to market-leading hospitality offering leisurely lunches and après-beach cocktails, sensitively orchestrated by the world’s best DJs. It is advisable to research the event list as those expecting a Playa d’en Bossa like day party will be disappointed unless it is a special event.

The beach restaurants at Cala Jondal are the hottest ticket in town particularly the Blue Marlin and Casa Jondal which at time of writing is regarded by many as the finest cuisine on the island. The boating set is served by regular tenders picking up clientele for lunch at the five-star restaurants on the beach. Sa Caleta can seem shabby compared to its exclusive neighbors however the hills above are home to some of the islands most sought-after properties. Despite being situated conveniently close to the airport the properties in the foothills remain shielded from noise pollution and blessed with stunning views.

Further to the West, lies Porroig a settlement situated on a micro-peninsula and made-up of stunning properties.


The homes in this area are pure Property Porn. Enormous mansions with lush gardens offering full service and charging full price. A standard property will be over six bedrooms and usually with some kind of sea view but not as impressive as those in Es Cubells, Vista Alegre or Porroig so if that’s important please double check prior to arriving. This part of the island is naturally orientated towards the late afternoon sun and the villas are drenched in golden light in later hours.

There is a small collection of country homes in this area, but the majority are modern contemporary properties with freeflowing open planned living areas in constant communication with the lush gardens. Porroig is a peaceful cul-de-sac situated on a natural peninsula. The petit nature of this geographic landmark contrasts with the size of the properties with some of the island’s best homes in this neighborhood. The homes in Porroig will usually have a view towards Cala Jondal in the east or Es Torrent and Es Cubells in the west. Properties in this area do not have the sun setting into the sea and it is better to be on the Southwest or West Coast if that is a priority.


Homes in this area are simultaneously discreet and convenient. San José beaches in the southwest may have sunsets but the commute to the houses especially after a night out are long and windy. Cala Jondal, Porroig and Sa Caleta have the benefit of being a short distance to the beach making it popular for second homeowners and tourists alike.

The area of Cala Jondal can be somewhat difficult to define. There are many homes that are walking distance to the Jondal shoreline, but it can also be used as catchall to include properties winding from the beach to the Cova Santa turnoff. Porroig tends to have properties with better sea views than Cala Jondal which may surprise some people when looking at prices of comparable properties. Porroig is a small urbanization that is a bit less known that Cala Jondal hence availability is a bit easier to come-by.


The beaches in this area are varied for a small stretch of coastline. What is constant is the aromas of coastal pine woodland, windswept sabinas and other native trees which reach right to the water’s edge. The pebbly beach may not be as appealing as the golden sand of nearby Salinas but pebbles mean less sediment and the resultant water quality is one of crystalline perfection making for excellent underwater visibility.

Sa Caleta is the home of an ancient Phoenician settlement dating back to the 6th Century. The entrance to the beach is through a narrow separation of the red rocks which are quite distinct to this beach. Rocks and cliff face in this area have a habit of collapsing especially after rain so exercise caution when exploring or sunbathing. Otherwise, the beach is safe to swim in and popular with families. This is the best beach for sunbathing and there are no sunbeds so it’s towel on the ground style and therefore completely different to Cala Jondal.

Cala Jondal has larger pebbles and for ultimate lounging it is recommended to take a sunbed at one of the excellent beach clubs. There is a small stretch of sand at the western side of Cala Jondal and swimming is facilitated by jetties. The water is some of the clearest you will find in Ibiza and quite an experience peacefully floating by the buoys whilst the party is in full swing on the shoreline.


Casa Jondal is one of the best chiringuitos in the Med. Tastefully decorated with neutral tones and pops of color, an understated Spanish glamour completely in unison with its beautiful surroundings. Casa Jondal is quintessentially Ibiza and a unique culinary experience which is relaxed, leisurely yet luxurious. What can match the combination of having your feet in the sand as you enjoy the company of friends and family, with a soundtrack of nature whilst savoring every morsel of incredible food with a refreshing wine baking in the sun and looking to the calming sea.

Blue Marlin is a name synonymous with Ibiza and luxury. The pioneer in creating a full sensory experience and establishing Cala Jondal as one of the tourist destination capitals of the country. Whether it be sushi and sashimi on the oversized day beds or elaborate desserts at the table there is an enormous effort to ensure that every need of their guests is catered for.

Like the beach itself, Sa Caleta is a more relaxed down-to-earth environment away from the fashionistas and posers. The Restaurante Sa Caleta is a must visit for foodie families. The restaurant has wonderful views of the beach with its unique beach with rich ochre red rocks. The restaurant is family run with a commitment to locally sourced produce served alongside BBQ grilled meats, fresh fish, and Paella in a traditional Spanish way. No visit is complete without Café Caleta. Many restaurants try to copy this classic after-dinner drink. This is the original and comes out flaming in ceramic urns. Lush loves restaurants that are open all year round. Sa Caleta is perfect on a stormy day or in the height of summer. Yemanja is on Cala Jondal and winter favorite that is open all-year round.


Casa Jondal 
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Café Caleta at Restaurante Sa Caleta


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