The stunning coastline north of San Antonio is lush with vegetation, sandy beaches, fantastically inviting coves of clear crystalline waters. Accessible by foot and car, this breathtaking coastline is some of the island’s most popular. A popularity that has grown almost exponentially with Instagram fame. It is not difficult to leave the masses behind as the coastal pine woodland gives way to a fertile interior, from beach lovers delight to the a land that time forgot Santa Agnés. Although geographically petit this area has a reputation for dining delights that range from local favorites to high-end.


Cala Gracio is a 10 minute walk from downtown San Antonio. The convenient location, sandy beach and clear waters make it an Islander’s favorite. Accessibility means that, like Cala Bassa and Cala Salada, the beach is very busy during the summer months. This is one of the beaches that will be busy in the shoulder season months of May and October and one will need to arrive early in Peak Season to secure a sun lounger. Paddle boarding rental is available but for those wanting more than 2 horsepower, renting jet skis and hydrofoils is best done in San Antonio.

Ibiza’s only Aquarium Cap Blanc is a short walk from Gracio. Rather than a Dubai style fish bowl this is a quant natural aquarium inside an underwater cave with typical marine species of Ibiza. Also in the vicinity is Cala Gracioneta, Cala Gracio’s little sister. A beautiful tiny beach mostly shaded by big pine trees. Gracioneta is popular for its chiringuito, beach hut, where you can savor fresh seafood and excellent paellas.

  Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta are a 5-minute drive in the direction of Santa Agnés. Due to Instagram fame both beaches are extremely popular, and access is controlled to manage this picture-perfect coastline. You will have to park your vehicle in the dedicated car park and follow a forest trail that takes you to the beach. Discovery is part of the journey. In peak season, the car park fill up quite fast and it might be more difficult to plan a visit. Your alternative to reach this beautiful spot is by boat or by paddle board rented in Cala Gracio or San Antonio.  

In between Cala Gracio and Cala Salada there is Punta Galera, a natural rock formation that creates flat rocky platforms. Thanks to a favorable microclimate, people enjoy sunbathing as early as March. Punta Galera is also an excellent spot for snorkeling and swimming. Highly recommended all year round except July and August cause the stones heat up to uncomfortable levels. 

Cala Salada also boasts interesting routes for hikers and nature lovers. The path begins in Caló des Moro which provides a 12-kilometre trek that takes you to key monuments like Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, as well as the viewpoints of Cap Negret and Punta Galera. This is also the beginning point for the Ses Fontanelles path, where the trail is marked at the last curve in the Cala Salada access road. This path leads to the site of Sa Cova des Vi, which has Ibiza’s cave paintings and provides hikers with breathtaking views of the island’s coast. 


There is a collection of villas located past the beaches of Cala Salada which are worth considering if you are familiar with the challenges that renting in remote parts of Ibiza can present. It is unquestionably stunning and some of the most naturally gifted areas on the island with dramatic coastal vernaculars communicating with modern seafront properties. Villas are orientated to the late afternoon sun with free-flowing living spaces opening out to uninterrupted sea views. Sunsets create an ephemeral mirror in a rich array of colors and wonderful sense of movement as light changes throughout the early evening.

This is not the area of Ibiza for country homes but the housing stock is grandiose and a mix of modern new builds and reformed older properties.


Villas in the area around Gracio and Gracioneta are difficult to secure, and the tourist accommodation is predominantly hotel orientated. Salada has more availability of luxury villas but the access to this cluster of properties can be challenging for those not used to navigating unlit, unpaved roads. If you are staying here, you will enjoy the peaceful tranquility and outstanding views but best to be organized and perhaps not plan too much apart form enjoying these amazing natural surroundings in the comfort of your holiday home. Maybe pack a personal chef so you never have to leave!



For a small geographical area there are some excellent dining delights ranging from local favorites to high-end Michelin Star experiences. Cala Gracio has a laid back chiringito that offers sandwiches and simple salads, while the chiringito of Cala Gracioneta is upper end with sophisticated dishes. In Cala Salada there is a restaurant that specializes in seafood and paella. 

Hostal la Torre is a Lush favorite for sundowners and excellent food. Hostal la Torre is run by the same hospitality group which includes Mambo, Mint, Villa Mercedes, Cala Gracioneta, Casa Maca and others. They all tend to be of a high standard. Hostal la Torre has excellent attentive staff with a high rate of retention which makes it nice visiting and being welcomed by the same friendly faces. This reformed hostel now hosts a high-end clientele with elevated dining with exceptional panoramic views. Ensure that you book in advance and for the best sunset view take the main terrace option.

Es Trágon received Ibiza’s first Michelin star in 2019 and ever since the intimate surroundings are inundated with reservation requests. An alternative is Sa Capella on the road to Santa Agnés which also offers locally sourced food with views of the surrounding hills and valleys.


Stunning coastline by boat
Cala Salada
Snorkeling and Diving
Hiking trails
Excellent restaurants
Chiringuito Gracioneta
Hostal la Torre


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