This northern part of Ibiza offers the most striking views of this remarkable coastline. Steep cliffs dramatically drop into clear turquoise seas with lush greenery to sea-level. Captivating sunsets make this stunning area an Opacarophile paradise. The sunsets are more than just a view and a highly emotive experience as the sky transforms into full technicolor.

Whether it be the traditional villa of San Miguel to a luxuriant Spa at Hacienda Na Xamena or the iconic Sunday drumming sessions at Benirrás, this part of Ibiza offers authentic local charm and breathtaking views.


This enchanting trio of Benirrás, San Miguel, and Na Xamena, are rich with cultural significance, history, and beauty. In the 16th Century a network of watchtowers was constructed as protection against pirates and Turkish invaders. This chain of towers is placed within sight of each other around the coastline. In times of peril, they would communicate with fire and flares. Torres des Molar is one of the best examples of these defensive structures. Torres des Molar is accessible and one of the few where the upper level of the tower remains in good condition. The internal staircase leads to timeless views of Benirrás.

In more recent history, the sights of Benirrás has been shaped by Hippie Culture. Since the 1960s, Hippies began arriving in Ibiza from the US as people looked to escape the Draft and fighting in the Vietnam War. Ibiza has always been an island accepting of newcomers and those seeking refuge. This influx is why Ibiza became known as the Hippie Island. Hippie culture is in Ibiza’s DNA and to this day there remains a spiritual connection between Ibiza and Asia thanks to hippie movement, many of whom would bring back curiosities, textiles, handcrafted artifacts and spiritual teachings from their winters in Goa and Bali.

To complete the sensory experience Lush recommends the Spa at the stunning Hacienda Na Xamenda followed by a nutritious, gourmet culinary exploration at Eden Restaurant. Eden is an assault on the sensors. Cascading water flows over terraces overlooking the deep blues of the sea and light azures of the sky. A DJ plays an ambient set and traditional Ibicenco food curated with locally sourced, organic produce. Topped off with one of the finest sunset spots in Ibiza.


The most famous villa is Sa Ferradura which is a unique private island situated in the Port of San Miguel. Voted as the World’s finest private villa in the World Boutique Hotel Awards in 2018, this property is often said to be valued at the highest per square meterage in Europe.

For those that are looking for more accessible villas, Lush can recommend some of our favorite villas in this peaceful area of the island. Many visitors to Ibiza are looking for sea views and sunsets. Those looking for this criterion should consider this wonderful selection of properties in the North of the island. The Southwest of Ibiza has incredible sunsets, but the areas tend to be a bit more built up. The epic coastline of Benirrás, San Miguel and Na Xamena is truly remarkable. Due to the orientation villas in this area, they tend to get sunsets throughout the year. Villas also tend to be more secluded, and it is easy to find your slice of paradise off the beaten track.


If you have a private chef at one of our lushest villas in this part of Ibiza, then you will never want to leave! There is good availability in this area and many houses represent excellent value for money compared to the more popular sunset spots such as Cala Tarida. If you are planning to go out to restaurants and nightlife in Ibiza town for the majority of your then you will be better served staying closer to Ibiza Town.


The beaches in this area are some of the Mediterranean’s most spectacular with incredible views of cliffs plunging into fathomless cerulean waters. Whether it is Benirrás, Ibiza’s most iconic hippie beach, or for those with wanderlust looking for the perfect teardrop hidden cove of Portitxol then this area is abundant with Beach Life.

The accent to the hidden treasure of Portitxol is challenging and these hikes are best undertaken in the mild winter that Ibiza enjoys. Ibiza is a magnificent island to explore on foot and Portitxol is ethereal in its beauty. This small yet perfectly formed beach presents itself from the sheer rock faces to form a natural harbor of crystalline azure water. No wonder this protected shoreline is popular amongst local fishermen.

The drumming sunset ritual at Benirrás started as a protest movement to the first Gulf War in 1991. Now the drums are of legendary status and a spectacle of sound, percussion, and movement every Sunday. The glorious sun sets to this energizing rhythm and behind the iconic rock formation known as “God’s Finger,”. A Lush tip to avoid the intense crowds that gather at Benirrás for the drumming is taking a guided kayak tour. Leaving from San Miguel hugging the coastline to Benirrás and positioning oneself by the Finger. Take a crystal to cast into the depths as a blessing for your loved ones.


Elements on Benirrás is a chic concept space which is a Lush recommendation to make up part of your hedonistic holiday. The open floor plan and terrace create a wonderful atmosphere to luxuriously spend an afternoon or early evening. The décor of desert tones with pops of color is fantastically inviting. There is a restaurant, bar, pizza oven, wellness treatment including massage. The cuisine is Mediterranean with accents of Italian with the main event being a mouthwatering lobster tagliatelle. When the sun sets, Elements often hosts fun parties popular with locals and tourists especially towards the end of the season so be sure to check their party calendar.

A favorite chiringuito, beach hut, is perfectly situated in a secluded yet easily accessible corner of San Miguel. Cool, clear waters and a collection of facilities including Paddle Board hire, make this tiny beach a pleasant family destination. The chiringuito serves up a range of healthy juices and locally caught seafood grilled to perfection. As the sun dips into the sea, sundowners are the perfect way to sign off another day of Balearic Bliss.

In the village of San Miguel, popular restaurant for those in the know is La Luna Nell’Orto

La Luna Nell’Orto, is elevated on a hill in the middle of the village of San Miguel. The restaurant can take a little finding as its traditional finca façade makes it easy to miss but fantastically inviting upon arrival. The restaurant has a domestic austere which is encapsulated brilliantly by the welcoming and attentive staff. The menu is full of locally sourced, organic produce and resultant cuisine is arguably the best Italian on Ibiza. The rustic elegance and mouthwatering menu is best enjoyed amongst the aromatic garden and equally fantastic part of a romantic dinner or meal out with friends.


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