The village of San Rafael dates to Phoenician times as an important crossroads linking San Antonio, Ibiza and Santa Eularia. The village is functional and wonderfully connected to all parts of the island making it a popular destination for those looking to go Clubbing and those wanting rural relaxation… and of course those greedy ones that want both! There are some excellent dining options which are worth a visit but no retail attractions apart form a local pottery artisan which is more of cultural significance linking the art of pottery creation to the Amphorae produced on Ibiza since the 6th Century BC.


San Rafael is a great central location to explore out from. There are large supermarkets on the road to Ibiza so convenient for families and groups but most holiday makers will chose this location for its’ benefit of accessing the sunset beaches in the West Coast and the chic Santa Gertrudis. The location is close to some of the biggest attractions that make the island the Clubbing Capital of the World, namely Amnesia and Privilege. Amnesia is one of the island’s greatest success stories and one internationally regarded as a Cathedral to Clubbing.

After years of inertia, the ownership of Privilege is out of the court rooms and this bastion to hedonism is finally receiving the large amounts of investment that it needs to with the Clubs in Playa d’en Bossa and Ibiza Town. This investment is important to the area and will bring a bit of love to this iconic building and the surrounding neighborhood.

If the huge capacity of Amnesia and Privilege is too overwhelming, then you are not alone, so have a look at some of the smaller clubs on the island. If you are looking for something more intimate then look at Underground. Like the name suggests, a more intimate atmosphere and like the best club nights in Ibiza made up of fun and open people. If you haven’t been Clubbing then it is fair to say that most of the time, people walk out having had an amazing experience. Do some research about the DJs or style of music you like and ask about the specific nights. Clubs like Amnesia differ from night to night. The Club hosts the Party but the promoters are there to fill the club therefore each night will have a different vibe. It’s a good idea to speak to someone in the know to get an idea of what the Party is like, what type of people go there, and decide if this is the type of thing you want to pay to go to!


As there aren’t many villas in the village of San Rafael we will focusing on the countryside in the near vicinity. The area is set on the hills in the center of the island, and it is 10-15 minutes to the main towns on the island, namely Santa Gertrudis, San Antonio, Santa Eulalia and Ibiza Town. There are some beautiful houses around San Rafael and a mix of modern villas and traditional fincas. Most of the properties we represent in this area will boast views over the interior of the island which can be equally stunning in sunrise and sunset.


The properties in and around San Rafael appeal to a broad range of holiday makers. Homes in San Rafael are usually a more economic option to those of similar size and spec in Santa Gertrudis whilst still offering a similar aesthetic and convenience. There are urbanisations in the surroundings, close to the center of San Rafael, next to Privilege and the in the hills above the fire department. Other than that, for the most part the houses tend to be situated in rural sittings large and spacious and in a range of styles and tastes. Homes adapt effortlessly to the changing seasons with distinct sensitivity to the immediate surrounding countryside.

The area around San Rafael combines privacy and exclusivity with convenience of a village location. A good option for people that want to be close enough to shoot to the supermarket and relax in the countryside with perhaps a couple of headline nights at one of the Clubs.


Although San Rafael is inland you are never too far away from the Beach. San Rafael is equidistant to beaches on the West Coast such as Cala Bassa, Cala Gracio and popular southern beaches like Salinas, Cala Jondal and Cala Longa in the Wast. These excellent beaches are within 20 minutes from San Rafael.


The two most highly regarded steak restaurants for Ibiza locals are Cas Pages in San Carlos or Can Pilot in San Rafael. Both are excellent, with wonderful cuts of meat, friendly staff and a vibrant atmosphere. Can Pilot is certainly worth a visit and the Chuletón BBQed on coals at the table is one of the best meals on the island.

Coto is a popular evening restaurant with good music and happy people enjoying their holidays. What it lacks in a view is made up by the energy of its patrons and excellent staff. The House of Wow opened just before the pandemic and this large venue is filled with detail, vibrant fun and a stylish boutique. The restaurant is open throughout the year and is a great location for events. Restaurants in Ibiza are competitive and like Coto the atmosphere at Wow makes up for the lack of seaview. Wow is a representation of contemporary dining on the island with modern, urban influences whilst remaining relaxed and essentially Balearic.

Los Dos Lunas is next to Amnesia and the courtyard dining under the stairs is a world away from its more debauched neighbor. A romantic evening with arguably the best Italian food on the island enclosed in a walled secret garden.


Can Pilot
Accessible to different parts of Ibiza


Santa Gertrudis
Puig d’en Valls