San Carlos is a small village situated 10 minutes from Santa Eulalia del Río. This hamlet is built around a quaint church in the center of the hamlet. San Carlos has been a popular escape since the 1960s and now the beating heart of this charming town is the dynamic Las Dalias beautifully paired with the authenticity of Bar Anita. This sleepy village comes to life during the local fiestas when live music fills the streets particularly worth visiting during the Calamari Festival towards the end of October. San Carlos is at gateway to the Northern Beaches on the Northeastern side of the island. They are perennial family favorites for those looking for boho chic on the “other side” of Ibiza.


San Carlos offers a convenient location to explore the Northern Beaches, many of which are officially recognized for their outstanding natural beauty and cleanliness. San Carlos offers hiking, biking and horse riding. The Wellness and Spa at Can Curreu is one of the best on the island. Bar Anita is a cultural icon, where locals farmers mix with travellers and serve a local digestive called hierbas, which is made from 14 different herbs growing wildly and collected by local pensioners on the side of the road.

The hippy market at Las Dalias is a huge attraction and simply one of the best things to do on a Saturday. Local musicians and artisans bring an unparalleled energy and color which is contagious to all that go there. As the market stalls are taken down the club at Las Dalias called Akasha is filled with beautiful, open and friendly partygoers.

San Carlos has been subject to clever changes by the town hall to promote this traditional village as a tourist attraction. Local historians have restored an ancient farmhouse, Es Trull de ca n’Andreu with it’s 18th Century olive press. Recently, more shopping boutiques are opening to complement established shops like Lottie Bogotti. bringing a tapestry of vibrancy and a boho style.
San Carlos is at gateway to the Northern Beaches on the Northeastern side of the island. They are perennial family favorites for those looking for boho chic on the “other side” of Ibiza.


San Carlos is in the hills above the East Coast of the island and properties tend to be converted farmhouses, fincas, with terraced gardens and typical Phoenician inspired architecture. Similar to San Juan in that the area is not overly developed however there is more of a commercial approach to its staged development which is beginning to bear fruit.

There are some of the islands most impressive villas located on the coastline but the housing stock in San Carlos tends to be family orientated and typically understated. There may not be the sun setting into the sea but elevated above the terraced orange groves as the sun goes down over Ibiza’s interior is breathtaking.

As a general observation, owners in San Carlos tend to be a highly hospitable group and proud of their area, ready to welcome newcomers. +


San Carlos appeals to families and with the vibrant Las Dalias and excellent club Akasha it also attracts an increasing amount of friend group profiles. It does not experience high demand of reservations and offers good value for money.


San Carlos is inland and situated in a valley overlooking terraced orange groves and olive trees. However, the location is a short drive to wonderful white sand beaches. A highlight is the road Cala Nova to Cala San Vicente where steep cliffs drop to clear seas and views of the island of Tagomago. It is a hotly debated topic amongst which of these incredible beaches are the best. The northern beach tour could take a week of relaxation from Cala Nova, Cala Llenya, Cala Mastella, Cala de Boix, Pou des Lleó, Figueral, Aguas Blancas, Cala San Vicente. They are all lush in their own way and all under 10 minutes drive from San Carlos.


The agrotourismo Can Curreu offers country elegance with classical Ibiza Phoenician architecture, set amongst horses grazing in the pastures next to terraces of oranges and ancient olives. Pops of color from enormous bougainvillea add a romance to this 5-star dining experience. This is more of a couples’ evening rather than groups of friends and usually it is easy to get a table. Good wine list and like many restaurants in this area it is predominantly meat and fish rather than anything too Avant Garde.

Bar Anita is certainly a good place for a drink and its always busy. Anita has bonafide hippy credentials built into its DNA and best experienced on a Friday evening in Spring or at the end of Summer/Autumn. A great recommendation is the local hierbas and a bottle makes the perfect memento of your San Carlos experience. Food is super basic but atmosphere and a cold drink in the courtyard or on the side of the road makes up for that. The pedestrianized streets of San Carlos have pizzerias, sushi, and traditional menus. Viccio is amongst these businesses and their gelato is of a very high standard. Dolce de Leche is an award winner.

Cas Pages in San Carlos or Can Pilot in San Rafael, are the two most popular steak restaurants for Ibiza locals. Cas Pages is predictably amazing. Great cuts of meat that served with some of the strongest Alioli on the island. The terrace is below street level and has a hidden garden ambiance to it. They don’t take bookings and its cash only.


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