Situated on Ibiza’s northeastern coast are a chain of stunning beaches that are accessible and family favorites. Cala Llenya and Cala Nova were at one time closely held secret, but its broad appeal attracts families, couples, and groups seeking a serene getaway. The beaches are amazing and juxtaposed against fertile countryside which borders this dramatic coastal.

Increased appeal has resulted in increased investment and the tourist offering in this area has improved with high-end establishments offering 5* experiences whilst still retaining the family run businesses that are the fabric of this part of the island.
For tourists that are looking for a reprieve from the intense sun then these areas can be popular due to the beautiful sunrises and break from the afternoon sun in the long summer days of June, July and August.


Cala Llenya and Cala Nova offer outstanding beaches that are worth a visit even if you are not staying in this particular part of the island. Visitors will find the journey worth the effort with a multitude of excellent restaurants, including Lush favourite Aiyanna with it’s colorful Guatamalan shades, service-oriented staff and the tasty and considered menu. Aiyanna is super versatile, offering morning Yoga sessions on its frontline hardwood decking as well as being a sublime setting for sundowners with cocktails par excellence.


Cala Llenya is classed as a Tourist resort and consists of urbanisations constructed in the 1970s and 1980s as well as recent high-end developments. The houses are family orientated with a good number of German residents that have lived in the area for a long time. In addition, to these relatively modest houses are a sprinkling of the island’s most remarkable villas offering elevated views over the lush canopies of evergreen pine trees looking out to sparkling azure sea and capturing magical sunrises.

Cala Nova doesn’t have the amount of stock compared to its neighbors and commonly will be grouped with Es Canar and Cala Llenya. The houses that are available will be walking distance to the beach but not enjoy the sunrise terraces that properties in Cala Llenya can offer.


The availability of rental properties in this area tends to be quite good and we would encourage family clients looking to capture some of Ibiza’s true spirit to look for options here. This area tends to be quite magnetic for those that holiday here and after experiencing it for the first time the become loyal guests in this friendly, authentic location.


Unlike the packed tourist-filled Southern, South Western and West Coast beaches, the Northern beaches offers a tranquil haven with calm, shallow azure waters. Amidst dramatic coastlines and a backdrop of pine trees, both Cala Nova and Cala Llenya are family friendly with golden sand, picnic areas and beachside restaurants.

The sandy area at Cala Llenya is quite large and protected whereas the area of Cala Nova can be small due to Easterly storms taking sand away from the beach. This changing sandy area is why Cala Nova gets its name. Nova = New.


Aiyanna is a Lush favorite and part of the Amante Group. Like any younger sister with an older beautiful sister it can be hard to step out of the shadow. Aiyanna has a different personality and character to Amante whilst sharing the same family values of service, a commitment to tasty fresh food and incredible cocktails. Bless Hotel is a relatively recent addition to Cala Nova and sets a marker of luxury in an area previously not known for its high-end credentials. The restaurant Etxeco received a Michellin Star in 2023. Bless also has a roof top terrace with infinity pool overlooking Cala Nova and the lush canopy of its surrounding.

The best chiringuitos (beach huts) can be discovered on the chain of beaches from Es Canar to Cala San Vicente. The are all worth visiting but Bigotes remains legendary for allegedly turning away the King of Spain during a busy summers service. The restaurant is still busy and highly recommendable to attend the second sitting which is Bullit de Peix. It doesn’t matter who you are, you will need to book in advance.


Northern Beaches
Bless Hotel
Bullit de Peix at Bigotes
Paella at Restaurant Salvadó
Kayaking to Tagomago
Hiking the coastline to Santa Eulalia


Es Canar
Cala Mastella
San Carlos
Pou des Llou
Cala de Boix
Aguas Blancas